Sportsta Face Mask in Review


If you are looking for high-functional and comfortable pollution protection mask, you will hardly get a better alternative to the Sportsta Face Mask. Featuring a sleek design and lighter weight, this device ensures that users can carry it comfortably and conveniently. This is a specially-designed mask for providing sports and country cyclist robust protection against pollution.

As the Sportsta Face Mask has been designed to serve the sports and country cyclist, it features lighter weight construction. Hence, users find no difficulties in carrying this filter during the course of cycling. This feature provides the necessary impetus to put an optimal level of performance.

Features of the Sportsta Face Mask

You can avail this mask in various sizes to optimally fit your physical features. The lot includes the larger size that universally suits the majority of the men.

  • This device features a valve for airflow that ensures the optimal filtration of the inhaled air. Made with Neoprene material, this device is just the perfect choice for sporting events.
  • The Sportsta Face Mask comes with filters of premium grade that safeguard the lungs from the attacks of hazards particles and pollutants. As for facts and figures, the device can filter impurities to the extent of 7 microns. The manufacturer has included a Velcro Fastening system that makes the device extremely user-friendly.

Weight & dimensions

  • As for its weight, the device weights to the extent of 3.5 ounces. The lightweight construction makes it an ideal pick as a sports gear.
  • The device features dimension of 11.8 X 7.9X 1.2 inches that gives it a sleek and trim appearance. Users have the options to select between pink and gray shades as for the colors.
  • Users can change the filters easily as the device features 2-part construction. The user-friendliness of the device is one of the major factors that have contributed to its popularity.
  • A cyclist from different parts of the world has embraced this product and in their opinion, the devices produce equally gallant performance across all the ambiances. Even the bikers can benefit from the use of this device as it keeps their lungs free from the threats of air pollution.

The device features properties to keep the breathing warmer and prevents the accumulation of moisture. Hence, this is the perfect device for the colder climate. This mask keeps away the exhaust out of the lungs and enables the users to ride safely. The device improves the lung capacity and features the longest endurance capacity that makes it a gallant pick.

Conclusion & final thoughts

The Neoprene construction makes the device space friendly and Velcro straps allow the maximum adjustment capacity that makes it easier for the users to carry it around the neck when the user is not using the device.

Users appreciate the longer durability and it promises them the optimal return on the money. Blending the robust functionality and the maximum comfort, this device is the ideal pick for the cyclist and bikers. Considering the points stated above, the high demand for the device seems justified. Hence, you can certainly opt for this product with confidence.

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