M1 RZ Mask Air Mask Under Review


RJ Industries comes up with the RZ mask that comes with 5 carbon filters, providing up to 99.9% pure air. This device has been built on the patented Air filtration technique and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Featuring a sleek and appealing design, this mask features a gallant black shade. AS per the reviews from the existing users, this device features an almost100% rate for customer satisfaction.

The M1 RZ mask comes as the ideal choice for residential and commercial usage as it promises you adequate protection from the polluted air and at the same time ensures your comfort and convenience. Thus, the device has won over the hearts of the users.

Features of the M1 RZ Mask

You get the M1 RZ Mask in a comprehensive air pollution mask package that includes 5 pieces and hence, the cost per unit turns economical. This device features a system of dual-exhalation valve that eliminates fog and moisture. The device comes with an adjustable nose system.

The device carries active carbon filter that filter air up to 99.9% purity. The M1 RZ Mask comes with a weight of 7 ounces and it features dimension of 12x8x3 inches that appears sleek. It is for the lighter weight and sleek weight of the device that makes it comfortable and convenient for the users to carry it. Thus, you will never ever feel distracted, carrying the device in the course of your work.

This device has been engineered to fit the natural contour of the face. The durable construction work makes this device high-functional and it ideally suits cold weather application. The M1 RZ Mask features waterproof neoprene that protects the lungs from the hazards dust particles and other contaminants.

Lightweight and easy to use

This lightweight device ensures that the users find no difficulties in breathing through it. The M1 RZ Mask comes in 3 options for the sizes; users up to 125-pound body weight can go for the small size while for regular size of the device suits user with body weight in the range 125 and 215 pounds. For users who weigh above 215 pounds, there is the extra large version of the mask available. Hence, this mask is truly universal.

The M1 RZ Mask features robust functionality to safeguard the users from the high-pollution prevailing at the industrial ambiance. As for instance, welding workers using this device while using the Oxy-fuel torch, find that the device is giving due protection from the fumes, emitted from galvanized metals.

The filter is suitable for use on a long stretch and usually you will not have replaced it earlier than 30 days.

Final thoughts

You are ought to emphasize on a product that features positive reviews. On that regard, you will have to rate this device on a perfect ten score. The reviews suggest that the RZ mask has been able to satisfy the users with its robust functionality and the comfort and convenience that it offers. Hence, you can opt for this product with confidence and just like innumerable other users, you are certain to get the best value for your money.

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