About Us

Protecting your lungs is a huge concern for many people these days. With low quality air in places like China, India and Los Angeles; more and more people are looking to protect themselves. We have come together in an attempt to put together a site that will help you find a way to protect your lungs. You will leave this site with new knowledge ingrained into your mind. We promise you that.

Going forward, we fully plan on constantly expanding this site. So make sure you bookmark the site and come back regularly. There will always be something new for the readers to look into. If you don’t see a topic on the site that you would like covered, then you should send us a message at our contact page.

Go Air Mask is here to stay and we are ecstatic to get started on this project. We are all avid bikers and joggers who have faced low quality air while out on our daily bike runs and jogs. It concerns as much as it concerns you. And that is why we are here today!

So again, bookmark the site and visit often. You will come to love this place!