A Guide to Find the Best Air Mask on the Market

The quality of the air people breathe today is at worrying levels. There’s just too much pollution everywhere. This is why buying an air mask filter for yourself is so important. Experts estimate that nearly all major cities in developed countries today struggle with some sort of air pollution. This is worrying as it can only mean that the future is scary if something won’t be done now. Carcinogenic and respiratory diseases that can be directly linked to air pollution are on the increase. The best masks for air pollution are one’s designed in polluted countries.

The same case applies with miscarriage and still birth incidents. It therefore makes perfect sense to take into account measures that can help you to inhale clean air. That is exactly where air masks come into the picture.

Best Air Masks Chart

Techno Anti-Pollution Mask
3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator
RZ Mask
Sportsta Face Mask
Black, red, blue, pink
White, yellow
Black, grey, pink
9.6 ounces
7 ounces
3.5 ounces
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What are air masks?

An air mask for pollution is sizeable device used to protect the wearer from inhaling contaminants like pollen, dust, vapors, fumes and gases. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors and types used by the private industry, medical personnel and the public. They also range from affordable single use, disposable air masks to more complicated masks with replaceable cartridges.

The best pollution masks can be categorized into two. There are air purifying masks designed to force contaminated air through an air filtering system. Then there are air supplied masks which come complete with air supplies. Each category features systems that either reduce or eliminate airborne contaminants.

When to wear an air mask

Like already hinted, air masks can be worn in different occasions. Note though that different situations call for different air masks. If you live in a city with high levels of air pollution, then an airtight air mask would be ideal for you. Not so if you are in the military heading to a mission where explosives might contaminate the air with toxic gases. Such instances would call for use of advanced air masks as well as gas masks which are different by design and function. The best anti pollution for bikers is one that should be worn at all times. This protects yourself from any and all of all the elements.

The N95 air mask is by far the most common type of air mask today. It is airtight, portable and has in the recent past found some sort of following amongst the young and the old. They are designed to protect the wearer from particulate matter. Other potentially dangerous toxins are still in the air and can still be inhaled even with the N95 air mask.  This does not mean though that the N95 air mask filter is useless. It is in fact the most recommended air mask for public use.

How to pick the best air mask

Buying an air mask may seem to many as a simple task. It is after all, a matter of getting into a health store and picking the most popular brand. But like any health expert will tell you, there are factors other than brand that matter. Such factors include:

Mask design

Your desired air mask for pollution should fit your face the way a glove fits into a hand. In other words, it should not leave room for particulate matter to pass through.  Within the mask lies a small square inside a sizeable cotton mask. This is the filter, designed to block particulate matter. So ensure the mask you go for has a filter. The design should be airtight as hinted. One good test to check if your mask is airtight is to have a look at your glasses. If they are steamed up after some time, then that is a sure sign that your air mask online is not airtight.

Mask material

The gas should filter out even the tiniest particulate matter.  Therefore, go for a mask solely based on the amount of particulate matter it can filter. For instance, an N95 rating is highly recommended as it can filter up to 95% of invisible air particulates. Any air force gas mask is made similar to how the everyday civilian masks are made.


You should not feel as though you are suffocating with your mask on. A good mask should make breathing easy. So take time to try out the best pollution masks. Some will rest away from your face and create a comfortable breathing space for you while others will uncomfortable and suffocating. You should of course, go for the comfortable option. The best pollution masks for China are ones that are durable due to China’s extreme air pollution.


This is all about going for an air mask for working out that can complement your personality. There are some that will make you look like a scary alien with luminous gills while others will make you look simple. The bottom line here is to go for a mask that will make you feel and look good. Make sure when reading air pollution masks that you take proper note of the style. Also, when shopping for the best anti pollution mask for cycling, you’ll want to pay close attention to the style.

Best Air Mask brands

There are so many air mask online brands. Settling on one that can guarantee you safe breathing can therefore be tricky. Your best bet is to simply go for brands that have been recommended by medical experts around the world. Such brands include:

  • Dettol Air Mask – It is popular in India more than in any other part of the world. The mask can protect you from pollen, dust and haze. It features an easy to adjust nose that fits the face. The mask is also air tight and easy on the eyes. It comes complete with two filters and adjustable ear loops. It is black in color with an impressive pouch. We read a customer say, “my air mask from Dettol is incredible!”
  • The Vogmask – Vogmasks claim to be better than average N95 masks. They come in different shapes, colors, designs and sizes. The only downside with the Vogmask is the fact that it is expensive compared to other masks. There is an upside though. You can wash the Vogmask and reuse it for a long time.
  • Cambridge masks – They are designed a little bit differently from the aforementioned brands. They however perform the same functions. They feature three layers. One layer is designed to block dust, the second dust is designed to curb PM 2.5 particulates while the last layer is solely designed to protect the wearer from bacteria. Cambridge air masks are extremely popular in China where they were first launched. They now more popular in other parts of the world.

What to avoid when buying an air mask

Each brand you wish to consider will try to impress you with something unique. You should however be keen not to go for a mask mainly because its aesthetic appeal is impressive. Other factors you should avoid when buying an air mask include:

The price factor

It is easy to go for a clean air mask for working out mainly because it is cheap; but like the old adage goes, ‘cheap is always expensive in the long run’. The best you can do is to go for a value priced air mask. It is far much better to go for an expensive mask that can last for long than to go for a mask that will only last for a few days. This does not mean in any way that disposable masks are bad. Buy them on a need basis but always stick to durable options. The best anti pollution mask for India will be cheaper due to the cheaper prices in India.

The trendy factor

This affects mostly young people. They buy an air mask filter mainly because it looks trendy. They hardly consider why they have to wear an air mask in the first place. Choose a mask not because of its design but its rating. If a mask has been recommended across the globe as ideal, then by all means go for it over the one that people consider as ‘hippy’ or ‘trendy’. Ultimately, it is more about your health than it is about your appearance.

The certification factor

Never go for an air mask that has not been certified as safe. The mask should also be rated highly. Note that you may have to pay more for highly rated air masks. This should not be a problem as you will be investing in your health. The best anti pollution masks will be properly certified. An air mask for running is one that you should be dead positive that it is certified due to the increased stress on your lungs while running.

Final thoughts

Gas masks are becoming increasingly popular. Over the next few years, they will form part of one’s outfit pretty much as sunglasses do. This means two things. First off, the quality of the air people breathe is no longer considered as safe. It also means that people are not more concerned about the air they breathe.

There is also the fact that some cities are considered as safe cities when it comes to the best air pollution masks is what matters. The best you can do when visiting such cities is to pack an pollution mask. Avoid planning to buy one when you get to your destination. Your work may also demand that you put on a clean air mask all the time. This can be tiresome after some time. But like any health practitioner will tell you, it is for your own good. So make it a habit to always put on your air mask until it forms part and parcel of your lifestyle. With time, you will get used to the idea of having a mask on your face all the time. You will in fact, encourage others to follow suit. Some of the best face masks for pollution are designed in the dirtiest of countries.

Lastly, some people need air masks more than others. Expectant women and people who suffer from respiratory conditions are for instance at risk of developing further breathing complications once they are exposed to polluted air. With that in mind, take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones at all costs any time you intend to visit a heavily polluted zone or you already live in one.